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Well, there has been a little bit of a gap between posts.  I’m trying to get back on track with all my blogs.  Time sort of has a way of flying by and all of a sudden you realize how long it’s been since you’ve seen some friends and family, especially the ones that live far away.  You blink twice and kids are grown.  And it’s no different for me with my blogs–I blink twice and next thing I know, I haven’t posted in a long time.  I was going to school for a while and that ate up a lot of my time and on it goes—life.

Anyway, I’m trying to get better with my blogging.  I recently posted to my other sites and now I am getting caught up with this one.

I see that one of my posts here was that Norah had a birthday and she was just turning two in the post.  Well, now our little granddaughter is 4!  And her little brother, Eric,  is already 2  1/2!  Talk about time flying!

I have been the full-time day care for both kids for about 2 years now.  Since I taught at daycare centers before, I dusted off my memory, pulled out some lesson plan books and started taking care of the kids.  They are 18 months apart, and are on two different developmental levels, which made it a little challenging at first to plan activities.  But now that Eric has caught up to Norah quite a bit, it is a lot easier.

I use workbooks with the kids to help teach basic concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, counting opposites, same and different, and so on. We also are creating our own alphabet, numbers, color and shapes books.  We go over the concept–the letter, number color or shape of the day and then add the page to their books.

We read books, sing songs, use  flannel boards for songs and stories, and do all sorts of art projects and some science.  I think our most interesting science projects are when we find bugs, birds and squirrels outside to study.  They also love to look for interesting rocks, flowers, pine cones, acorns and other gifts from nature to study and bring home for their nature boxes.

Some of my favorite art projects to do are when we create pictures for holidays/special occasions/seasonal.  I love to give them a variety of textures and objects to paint with  and use for gluing projects.  We use items such as sand and rice mixed with paint, noodles, buttons, ribbons, glitter, even favorite snack foods such fish and animal shaped cookies and crackers, pictures.  And they get plenty of time to do their own creating with paint, coloring, Play Doh, blocks.

I love to watch them at free play when they make up their own games and their imaginations seem to have no end.

We do some cooking and they love that.  So do I.  I always loved to cook and bake with my own kids, and now I get to share that fun with my grandchildren.

And we go outside.  There are very few things that keep us inside.  Unless we get a torrential downpour/storm, extreme cold or extreme heat, we go outside.  We jump in puddles and piles of leaves.  We look for worms and other bugs and draw “chalk pavement pictures” in the driveway.  They ride their bikes, swing and play in the sandbox.  We build snowmen, make snow angels and go sledding in winter and splash in the pool in summer.  We have a red wagon built for two and sometimes I pull them in it and we explore the neighborhood.  We wave to neighbors, watch the small wildlife and are thrilled when the horses at the neighborhood horse farm are outside.

So, in other words–I keep them busy!


In other news, we moved recently.  It was hard at first trying to downsize, and get rid of things I didn’t think I could get rid of. But finally I got the hang of learning to throw things away, donate or sell and it wasn’t as painful as I thought!  Getting used to a smaller space was hard at first, too–but now I like it!


We’ve done some traveling over the last couple of years.  I had slacked off with my travel blog, too, so all of our trip journals aren’t posted there.  But, I did add a couple of posts recently.  Our most recent trip was a one day trip to two places I have had on my Maryland travel bucket list for a while.  We saw Gunpowder Falls State Park and a small city near Baltimore called Havre de Grace.  I just posted some pictures on my travel blog, Maryland Skis Travel.

You see, I have a goal of one day seeing all 50 states. I’m not counting just driving through a state on my way somewhere else.  I want to actually see each state.  I want to explore each state’s landmarks, some of the cities, the parks, and so on.  Every state has something to offer for visitors to see.

I’m not sure I will meet that goal–but I plan to try!

I decided to start by exploring “my own backyard” — Maryland.  Then we will move on to our bordering states.  Of course I have seen bits and pieces of some other states.  But now I want to really get moving with this goal and see them all!



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