Creative Kids

I love that my grandchildren both are creative.  My granddaughter seems to be especially creative.  All you have to do is leave supplies out, crayons, washable markers, paper, scissors, tape, glue, etc. and they will create!

Today, my granddaughter has spent a good portion of the day creating paper houses for her toys, stuffed animals and dolls.  She has been drawing the pieces and then cutting them out and taping them together.  I love it.

Earlier today, both kids were creating puppets from brown paper lunch bags.  I just love the ideas they come up with.

After making puppets, they colored some more bags and then pretended it was Halloween and went around the house with their Trick or Treat bags and took turns being the one who gave out the treats and then the one who said, “Trick or Treat.”  The one who was giving out the treats just grabbed whatever toy or stuffed animal was nearby and put it in the bag.

I love to plan fun things for them to do, but also love to just let them go and think up their own fun.  That really is the best!


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