Sew, I have a new project

Copy of IMG_4705

I love the super simple projects.  I love to sew, but with my schedule, I don’t always find time for all the projects I want to make.  With these pre-smocked dresses, “they” make it so much easier for the “I want to sew, but, don’t have a lot of time,” crowd.

All I have to do is put in the seam, sew on the straps and check the hem, and my granddaughter will have a cute sundress for the summer.

I am so grateful that my mom taught me the basics about sewing when I was a kid.

But, I’m sure if she could see me now she would be saying, “I told you so,” between her fits of laughter.

You see, she wanted to teach me to sew, but I was a very unwilling student. I had absolutely zero interest in learning to sew.

My mom was very talented and even with eight kids, constant housework, and endless errands, she always found time to sew. She made matching dresses for me and my sister, pajamas for all eight of us, placemats, curtains and a wide variety of household items. She made doll clothes, and costumes for variety shows put on by our church.

(Side note: In her spare time mom also ran a dance studio, where she taught tap, ballet and acrobatics. Before she got married, she was part of an acrobatic dance team. She and her partner danced in Vaudeville shows all around the states. So, after she got married and had kids she opened her dance studio. When the church wanted to put on a show, her studio provided the acts.)

My older sister willingly paid attention while my mom taught her to sew. But not me. I wanted nothing to do with it.

But mom insisted that I learn the basics anyway. I “suffered” and learned how to make some simple projects like aprons and placemats, some even good enough to enter in the county fair and win a ribbon.

As an adult, I am so grateful I learned the basics. I was able to make some clothes for my kids and household items for our home. I have been able to make blankets and other necessities for many baby showers.

And now, I am able to make clothes for my grandchildren.

Thanks, Mom!

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